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  • Health and Safety Policy Statement of Intent

    Bird Diamond Drilling Ltd acknowledges that under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, we have a legal duty of care to protect our employees, members of the public and any other person or groups of people whose health, safety and welfare may be affected by our work activities both inside and outside the construction industry.

    Bird Diamond Drilling Ltd understands that the management of health and safety is a critical concern and function of all business, construction or otherwise and should be proactively managed in any form of work place.

    Bird Diamond Drilling Ltd is only prepared to work with organisations that hold health and safety in as high regard as we do.

    The management of Bird Diamond Drilling Ltd understands that we must:
    • Maintain safe and healthy working conditions
    • Provide and maintain plant, equipment and machinery resources so that they are safe to use
    • Ensure the safe storage and use of chemicals, substances and materials
    • Implement emergency procedures when appropriate
    • Engage, communicate and consult with employees on a day to day basis to promote safe and healthy work activity protection
    • Provide advice, guidance and care to occupational health
    • Provide adequate information, instruction and training to ensure that employees are competent to do their work activities safely and effectively
    • Prevent accidents and cases of work related ill health
    • Provide adequate control of risks arising from work activities
    • Have an organisational structure that defines the responsibilities for health and safety
    • Complete risk assessments to identify practical and achievable solutions to reducing risk of hazards occurring
    • Constantly monitor performance and revise policies and work procedures / processes to achieve continuous improvement
    • Bring this policy statement to the attention of all employees

    This Health and Safety Policy will be reviewed annually and revised in accordance with any changes to the business activity or changes to the legislation. Any changes will be disseminated to all employees.

  • Environmental Policy Statement of Intent

    Bird Diamond Drilling Ltd understands the importance of sustainability and the protection of local, national and global environments by complying with environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.

    Bird Diamond Drilling Ltd acknowledges the impacts that the construction industry has on the environment which is why we like to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and stick to the '3 R's' principles of reducing, reusing and recycling our waste.

    Bird Diamond Drilling Ltd will regularly evaluate our policies, practices and procedures to assess the environmental impact of our trading operations and will seek to improve standards where possible to do so. We will concentrate on four key areas which are:

    • Minimise the number of journeys made and the distances travelled by our company vehicles where possible
    • Reduce energy use whenever possible
    • Dispose of waste as 'greenly' as possible
    • Minimise our carbon footprint
    Bird Diamond Drilling Ltd will endeavour to complete the following to the best of our ability:

    • Reduce the use of all raw materials, energy and supplies of natural resources
    • Raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees on environmental matters
    • Encourage our preferred suppliers and contractors to uphold similar environmental standards
    • Encourage our customers to use products and services in an environmentally friendly way
    • Communicate environmental aims and objectives to employees and external stakeholders

    This Environmental Policy will be reviewed and revised annually, to take into account any changes to the business activity or legislation. Revised policies will be disseminated to employees and all interested parties via the most appropriate means.

  • Quality Policy Statement of Intent

    Bird Diamond Drilling Ltd main business functions involve the supply of diamond drilling and sawing services to the construction industry or to meet any requirement for such services within the built environment.

    Bird Diamond Drilling Ltd are committed to the delivery of a high quality service that meet the following objectives:

    • Consistently meeting or exceeding customer requirements
    • Commitment to promoting our high output quality via our expertise and knowledge
    • The overall excellence of our services
    Bird Diamond Drilling Ltd management staff is committed to the output of business excellence via the delivery of the following:

    • Constantly developing and improving our quality management system
    • Continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system
    • The constant enhancement of customer satisfaction
    Management and operational staff alike are committed to:

    • Ensuring that customer needs are fulfilled with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction via excellent service delivery
    • Communicating throughout the organisation, the importance of achieving customer satisfaction
    • Meeting all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements
    • Establishing the quality policy and continuing to meet its objectives throughout the organisation
    • Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the processes put forth via the quality management system
    • Ensuring the availability of resources to achieve customer satisfaction
    • Understanding that quality is the responsibility of everyone in the organization
    Our success will be measured by the following:

    • Key Performance Indicators are met on each project or contract
    • Secure and rewarding employment for all operatives
    • Continued sales growth and company expansion year on year

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